Importance of the Intersection of Library and Information Sciences with Systems Theory

  • Hannah Lee Fielding Graduate University
Keywords: Library and information science, general system theory, metatheory, conceptual theory, organizational structure.


This paper is the attempt to show how system theory could provide critical insight into the transdisciplinary field of library and information sciences (LIS). It begins with a discussion on the categorization of library and information sciences as an academic and professional field (or rather, the lack of evidence on the subject) and what is exactly meant by system theory, drawing upon the general system theory established by Ludwig von Bertalanffy. The main conversation of this paper focuses on the inadequacies of current meta-level discussions of LIS and the benefits of general system theory (particularly when considering the exponential rapidity in which information travels) with LIS.

Author Biography

Hannah Lee, Fielding Graduate University

PhD Student

Human and Organizational Development