Critical Archiving and Recordkeeping Research and Practice in the Continuum


  • Joanne Evans Monash University
  • Sue McKemmish Monash University
  • Greg Rolan Monash University



Records Continuum Theory, Critical Research Methodology, Participatory Research, Participatory Archiving


Records Continuum research is increasingly engaging with critical and participatory archiving and recordkeeping approaches to research and practice, "questioning the social constructs, values and power differentials embedded in current frameworks, processes, systems and technologies, exploring archival and recordkeeping agency, autonomy and activism, and moving beyond insight and critique with the aim of bringing about transformative outcomes."[1] In this paper, we explore the characteristics of these approaches with reference to an illustrative case, and the Records Continuum, theory, models and constructs which complement, frame and support critical archiving and recordkeeping theorizing and practice.

[1] Sue McKemmish, "Recordkeeping in the Continuum: An Australian Tradition.†In Research in the Archival Multiverse edited by Anne Gilliland, Sue McKemmish and Andrew Lau. Melbourne: Monash Publishing, 2016.


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