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Acker, Amelia, School of Information University of Texas at Austin
Adler, Melissa, University of Kentucky-School of Library and Information Science
Almeida, Nora, New York City College of Technology, CUNY
Alpert-Abrams, Hannah, Brown University


Bliss, David A, University of Texas at Austin
Brennan, Kathleen Margaret, Alabama Department of Archives and History
Bussmann, Jeffra Diane, California State University, East Bay


Carbajal, Itza, University of Texas at Austin
Carbone, Kathy Michelle, CalArts
Caswell, Michelle, UCLA
Cifor, Marika, University of California, Los Angeles
Cifor, Marika, University of Washington
Cope, Jonathan, College of Staten Island, CUNY
Crooks, Roderic, UC Irvine


Dalmer, Nicole K., The University of Western Ontario
Day, Ronald E., University of Indiana, Bloomington
Diab, Ramon Salim, University of Western Ontario
Drake, Jarrett, Princeton University


Evans, Joanne, Monash University


Gaston, Nicole Marie, Open Polytechnic of New Zealand
Gilliland, Anne J., University of California, Los Angeles
Gorichanaz, Tim, Drexel University
Guerrero, Jose Cruz, Pennsylvania State University
Gustafson, Melissa M., Indiana State University


Harris, Verne

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